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A101, A108, A112

I took a jewellery making class and that was it....wherever I travelled, my saw and a handful of tools went with me. I have since honed my skills and worked with some amazing silversmiths and designers along the way.
The piercing work I specialise in was one of the first techniques I learnt and one I still love to do. It's meditative process is good for the soul (when not accidentally slicing into the middle finger with a saw blade the thickness of a hair - that cuts through the Zen-like quality pretty quickly!) 


I have an element of OCD in my personality and that is reflected in a beautifully made piece of jewellery with intricate detail.

Thank you for taking a moment to find out about my jewellery and I hope you like my work.

Welcome to my website and let me introduce you to my work... Original designs in sterling silver and semi precious stones created using traditional techniques - saw piercing, overlay, chasing, repousse, foldforming and lost wax. 

Many of the pieces are oxidised to highlight the detail.

P151, P152, P150

Fold forming is a technique I have been experimenting with lately and I have been loving it. The results of my labours are the three dimensional leaf and flower earrings shown here and the pieces on the Fold forming 'uniques' page.


To inquire about any of the pieces get in touch on the contact page and I will get back to you with price, availability and answer any questions you have.

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